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Copies and partial transcript of the 1961 Report to the United Nations concerning Decolonization of West Papua or Netherlands New Guinea that setup by UN General Assembly Resolution 448 / V.

A major function of the  United Nations  is to end colonization. Article 73e of the  United Nations Charter  requires UN members to submit regular reports on their colonies to confirm the colonies' swift progress towards independence or "Self-Determination" without delay.

This document provides good information about West Papua just before US, according to the  US DoS , imposed on the Netherlands for the people of West Papua to be traded to Indonesia in exchange for better relations with Jakarta for Washingon. On this page you will find sections of the 1961 text covering:  Historythe governmentthe New Guinea CouncilMiningHuman RightsLabor policy, workforce statistics and trade unionsSocial WelfarePenal system and crimePublic Health and Papuan health workers  and  Community Development. An overview regarding the health service situation which has replaced the Dutch era health programs is in the  Health and HIV / AIDS  section.

Scaned images of the Netherlands report to the United Nations, as PDF files:
main 1961 report ,
1961 appendix , and
1961 Photo appendix